Counting Cards In Blackjack: Is It Worth It?

You may have heard about card counting in blackjack, either from movies or documentaries on gambling. If you have, you may be under the impression that if one is to spend time learning how to count cards, it can be extremely rewarding.

Using basic blackjack strategy is supposed to be able to give you a fair chance against the house if is executed perfectly, bringing the advantage for them down to less than 1%. Card counting, in theory can then actually tip the scale so the advantage is in your favor, giving you the increased chance of winning more money in the long term.

Card counting was originally introduced in 1962 by a computer scientist names Edward O. Thorp He published a book on the subject titled Beat The Dealer which attracted much attention from gambling enthusiasts who wanted to try and apply the methods to fatten their bank account.

Edward’s methods showed positive results but there’s a catch. Remember this was 1962 and the idea of counting cards to gain an advantage in blackjack was new. At the time, there was only one deck of cards being used at the blackjack table. Now, modern casinos (find them on use multiple decks of cards, and also change a lot of the rules that favor the house to a point where card counting becomes that much harder to implement into your game.

Aside from the fact of it being much more difficult these days, many novices also are under the impression that counting cards is a way of predicting what the next card is that will be dealt. Unfortunately, even if perfectly executed, a player can only increase the odds of knowing which card will come from the deck.

At the very best, serious card counting over a long period of time can give you between 1-2% advantage over the house (the dealer), and you would only see the results over a long period of time. Many, many hours of blackjack need to be played.

Without getting into the extreme details of the mathematics behind the possible outcomes, the money versus effort ratio might not be worth it to you unless you’re very serious about making black money.

Playing a lot of blackjack to gain experience using basic and advanced theories and strategies can save you time and potentially make you just as much blackjack money in the long run, but there are still detailed card counting systems out there that can help you gain a small advantage. If you’re a full time player, that small advantage can still mean large money to a pro player.

Cabanas still has South Africa chance

Salvador Cabanas could still make Paraguay’s 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ squad, insists one of the doctors treating the forward.

Cabanas was shot in the head in Mexico City just over a week ago following an incident in a city bar. The Club America striker was immediately transported to an intensive care unit at a local hospital and rushed into theatre where doctors made an attempt to remove the bullet lodged in his skull before deciding it would be too dangerous.

Cabanas, who was initially given only a 20 per cent chance of survival, is now beginning to regain movement in his arms and limbs and neurosurgeon Celso Fretes, who has close links with the Paraguayan FA, believes he has every chance of playing in the FIFA World Cup.

“Cabanas’ progress, the speed with which he was attended to, the excellency of the hospital team, Salvador’s physical and spiritual strength…they are showing that his progress is being extremely positive,” Fretes told Paraguay television channel Telefuturo.

“And I tell them (the Paraguay FA), I believe the right conclusion is that Salvador should not be out of the squad,” he said. “He will, things being as they are, have the possibility of recovering in time. Salvador has to be included in the list and we have to give him the chance in these two to three months to go there evaluating his progress.”

Cabanas is one of Paraguay’s top players and was part of their FIFA World Cup squad in Germany four years ago. The 29-year-old is a prolific goalscorer and was expected to lead Paraguay’s attack in South Africa this summer. And he insists he still can, with his father revealing his son had told him: “Papa, I’m going to play in the World Cup.”

Sunderland manager Steve Bruce recently revealed he was interested in bringing the striker to the English Premier League. Cabanas, who has scored over 100 times in the Mexican top flight, has netted 18 goals in 24 matches this season.

Beginner’s Guide to UK Online Casinos

How do I Play?

Casino games can be Java-based, Flash or Shockwave based, or you may need to download the software directly to your computer. Java -based software requires no software download, but Flash may require a plug-in that you can get from 90% of all computer users already have the Flash plugin on their computer, and many casinos will provide a link to the Macromedia download should you need it. The casinos that require you to download their software, typically have better graphics, faster games, are more secure, and are the best choice for “modem” users, so the extra time waiting for a “modem” download is well worth it! If all else fails, almost every casino will gladly send you a free CD – Just Ask!

Once downloaded or ready to play, all casinos offer you a guest or play for fun option if you would like to try the games out before committing “real money“.

What kind of Bonuses can I Expect to See?

With the growing competition and the expansive selection of best UK online casinos, you’ll find an endless pool of bonuses and “match bonuses”. Some casinos will give you money without even making a deposit, while others have deposit requirements from the start. Many offer you a 100-150% match bonus, meaning they will match your initial deposit. We suggest looking for casinos that offer continued bonuses throughout the year, since these can add up very fast to lots of Free Cash!

Typically casinos will offer many bonuses, but please be aware that there are usually restrictions in removing this “free cash” and you will most likely be asked to wager the bonus amount many times before you may “cash out”.

Making Your First Deposit

Where do I start? This can be a very difficult task, or one made very easy by the quality of the Casino your playing at. If you have a problem funding your account, contact their customer service, if it’s still a problem, you should probably moved on to a “better equipped” Casino that pays more attention to its patrons.

Credit Cards: Visa and Mastercard are a typical way to fund your casino account. Recently though, this has become a major problem in the US, as banks will reject charges made on your card in an attempt to fund a casino account. The Solution: use one of the “alternative methods” the casino recommends, and you may find yourself with more “free cash” or “bonuses”. This is due to the high cost of “chargebacks” and “processing fees” that casino sustains on a daily basis. They would rather you fund your account using one of these alternative methods, and they typically will reward you for doing so.

Game and Game Quality

You’ll find you favorite games at the online casinos. Many casinos offer 50-100 games! This presents an opportunity play whatever you like whenever you like. Can’t make it to Reno, Vegas or Atlantic City, then turn on your computer and play in minutes…. Better yet, you’ll never have to wait around a crowded table. And for you smokers and non-smokers – well you get the idea, you’ll be in the environment of your choice!

You’ll find all your favorite table games, including blackjack, live roulette, baccarat, and craps. You’ll truly enjoy the unique selection of caribbean poker, paigow and many other non-typical games as well. Video Poker and Progressives have really taken off, and offer the “online gamer” a larger payout then most traditional land-based casinos. Believe it or not, somebody has alredy won a 1.5 million dollar progressive online – wow! think of the possibilities!

New Casinos: Avalon video slot adapts well to playing

Avalon has long been one of the most popular online slots games at All Jackpots Casino and nearly in all new casinos in general, but how well does the fantastical game of a mythical England hold up on Netbook technology?

The short answer is incredibly well. Though Avalon is mostly favored by players because of its generous rate of payout and its bonus spins round with 7x multiplier, playing this slot on the Netbook really brings home the sharpness of the graphics in this fruit machine.

Thanks to the design which accentuates the reels themselves and the win totals over the information at bottom, Avalon gets a head start on players using smaller screens. The large and sharp crown and magic symbols look just as brilliant as ever, and after a few spins you’ll forget you’re playing on such a tiny screen. And of course, the much-imitated music soundtrack is welcomed in any format.

With video slots available in flash version for your Netbook seemingly becoming more and more busy by the day, sometimes it’s good to go back to the classics – and Avalon is truly one classic slot well adapted for the Netbook. This game’s popularity seems assured for years to come.

Try Avalon on your Netbook via All Jackpots’ no-download casino. All Jackpots’ flash casino currently has a total of 279 games available for instant play, including nearly 200 video slots, 16 progressive jackpot games, and over 40 table games. New players can get 100% match bonuses on first three deposits for up to $525 in free playing money.

William Hill Bookmaker & Bet Phoenix sportsbook

Founded in 1934 (wow!!), that is over 70 years old, William Hill Bookmaker own over 2000 shops in the UK. 450,000 telephone clients, and 292,000 online clients. I guess the figures speak for themselves!

As with all UK online bookmakers I use, William Hill is licensed in the UK and has to abide by the strickest gambling regime anywhere in the world.

Although their homepage is not as good as Coral’s, it has everything you need at a click or two. On thing i like about William Hill Bookmaker is the way you can do multiple bets. They make it very easy.

They offer two outstanding bonues. The first is William Hill Radio. You get to listen to the races, and other sports for FREE!! The second bonus is they offer a full sport and racing results service.

If thaty isn’t enough, you can also use their Betting Calculator, and live betting diary which shows you every sport that will be on TV. You can also access the usual casion and poker.

Bet Phoenix sportsbook

Bet Phoenix is a fairly new sportsbook – established online in 2008 – Bet Phoenix has quickly established a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy place for betting on all American and international sports. It also offers a racebook and online casino.

Bet Phoenix is one of the rare books that will to cater to all gamblers. Not only does it offer the large cash bonuses that tempt recreational players, but they also allow more serious players to choose to play at a very competitive -105 juice.

If you are a square and bet recreationally or you prefer a betting high limits up to $10,000 you can always count on getting paid in a timely manner with Bet Phoenix.

Vip Online Casinos New Year Promotions

All the leading online casinos have prepared best New Year offers for their players. The most tempting tournaments with big prize pools, special bonus games and a lot of surprise bonuses are waiting for you in leading online casino on the net. Let’s look through the list of the most generous offers VIP online casinos make for this New Year’s Eve.

Go Casino is a new playtech casino and offers a number of special tournaments with impressive prize pools. On December, the 31 you have a unique chance to win up to $60,000 in the Reel Deal Guaranteed NEW YEARS Weekend Madness. Besides, this vip online casino offers all the players more than $710,000 in guaranteed prizes and $20,000 as a Welcome bonus. More new playtech casinos here.

Another vip online casino which offers amazing promotions this December is Crazy Slots. More than $700,000 in guaranteed prizes and $60,000 on the last day of this year! This online casino also works on Vegas-technology software, so the set of casino games and promotions is similar to that of Go Casino.

You can also browse main poker rooms to find a poker tournament to your liking, as all the vip online casinos, which provide poker games, have a lot of Christmas and New Year tournaments to offer.

Have fun with modern casino gaming

Online casino gaming happens to be well liked over time as a lot more game players are actually deciding to casino game using the internet. Gambling was generated for entertainment reasons, there are certainly game enthusiasts today who think of this exercise too critically and game strictly to win. Its been confirmed that casino gambling can result in gambling addiction. The amount of web based UK casinos turn out to be escalating each and every day which makes the gambling establishments well received. A few game players wager for the obvious objective and that is to certainly win and some game for fun. Just like all online games, casino gambling may also be addicting. Almost daily, people are usually now being attracted into the web gambling world. All of the gambling establishments have guidelines and in particular one of them happens to be casino gambling ages, they definitely adjust from continent to country, starting from 18 and frequently twenty one years .

There are certainly immense games seen at on line gaming websites just as roulette, online casino craps, twenty-one and slot machines. With the multitude of different casino game assortment, bettors will certainly to find a game they will thoroughly like. The benefit of online gaming is really that you can game by the convenience of your own house. Primarily with every casino game gamers can select to game for free or register and pay a deposit to acquire added bonuses. Instructions to master casino gambling games are usually at the gamblers disposal on the internet. Game players can potentially play with and after that give helpful hints with other experts since there are participants clubs on the websites.

The slots are certainly becoming very popular at online casinos. They all generally function the commonly yet they all feature diverse jackpots. There exists countless other bonus features available to players to have fun with at a range of online casinos. The main feature which lures game players to check out each of these slot games certainly is the excellent jackpots which might often be acquired.

Casino table games are frequently famous and enjoyed very often online. Game enthusiasts can easily have fun with online casino table games rather like in landbased gambling establishments. There’ re also awesome winnings that can be enjoyed, so skill plus practice really need to be applied. When game players have looked at table games well, they are going to indeed appreciate them.

Each and every single casino game is based mostly on chances and in casino table games there’s definitely a method. A whole lot of determination and technique must be carried out when playing casino table games. Although, many people play on genuine luck . Serious gamblers worry about being successful that leads to them worrying all about understanding them.

Advantages of US based online casinos

Individuals who don’t have the luxurious of visiting USA to consider a bit of the on line casino action no more have to maneuver around and await a chance to happen. Because of the convenience provided by the Web, the on line casino experience is created possible correct at everybody’s fingertips, without the miscellaneous costs. One might have that fascinating casino really feel from his / her very home — and also the stakes are often just because huge.

Anyone who’s a citizen of any kind of US condition is qualified to become listed on online casino games as well as win lots off all of them, provided you’re over 18 years of age, of program. These on the internet casino video gaming offerings simulate the particular face-to-face encounter minus the requirement to get just about all decked upward and party-ready. For those who are soon after the chance of winning a lot of money off the web, this digital gaming experience is enough — as well as, indeed, the possible prizes are simply as appealing.

There is of US approved online casino listed which is actually the lucrative business for numerous. Those who’re simply searching for that enjoyable gaming feel, there tend to be literally countless both secure and enjoyable gambling sites on the internet. Anyway, if you are from UK on there is a list of the top UK casinos

Online casinos had been invented to provide that reside gaming encounter either solely to customers or included in a bigger offering as well as users might want to either play on the web-based system or download a game title for their own personal comfort. If you are searching for a reside online on line casino game, be ready together with your online cash account or charge card information to register for

A participant buys factors or chips every single child play the actual games and it is then additionally awarded points which are eventually redeemable in to either cash or even more points. How the actual prizes tend to be converted depends upon the United States online on line casino service you subscribe to, so make sure to read the small print before you subscribe to one.

Online gaming is usually legal as well as acceptable; that’s, as long when you are playing inside the rules and therefore are not becoming asked to pay for more than what’s necessary. USA on the internet casinos really are a heavy mixture of legitimate as well as fraudulent websites, so it’s obviously that reading only one good overview of a service isn’t a sensible move. Keep in mind, as the consumer, you will have to be informed of the online privileges and know that you’re also guarded

Live Roulette info

There could be not only a key by which most of frequent net sale of online casino activity van be measured simply because roulette could possibly be gamed by employing are living supplier on-line. This format associated with roulette is really adjustable website marketing, done within different just as Windows, Mac computer OSX, as well as Linux.

Since the ether brings about becoming very well liked lots of live online casinos offer net sale net casino gaming applications regarding reputable cash and also to receive simply trying to perform with regards to stimulating. Coming from a handful of words and phrases Are living Roulette On-line implies taking pleasure in roulette internet through your own personal machine employing procrastinate dealers. The leading variation with regards to these people would be that the results on the on the net endure video game are usually coming from a critical keep e-casino having its think owner. Essentially the most typical RNG (Random Number Generated) casinos yes basically “casino pc game” atmosphere, wherever outcomes are often having a great dog assortment wind turbine.

Live roulette with survive internet may be executed equally in your internet browser in addition to which includes an online casino program every person get along with enjoy from the web-based casino in the UK. This particular Java-Flash principally structured plan may be used and also an array of procedure techniques. Yet another good thing about all of them is the fact they do not require just about every set up to be able to operate. Such Caffeine chiefly dependent software manages by simply several every single laptop or even laptop or computer OSX. They could become going caused by the apple company pc OSX, Microsoft windows XP/Vista, as well as Linux centered personal computers. The key standard with regards to taking advantage of are generally being roulette was in some big spots wherever person interfaces with the company to put your special chance in addition to take into account someone’s outcomes.